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Haberdashers' Abraham Darby
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Haberdashers' Abraham Darby opened as a new academy in September 2008, which included a Sixth Form, offering a comprehensive education with business and enterprise specialism, it has  now 1003 pupils.  The new building opened in 2012.  Federated with Adams' Grammar School, it became the 11th school in the Haberdasher family of schools. As the main sponsor, the Company's aim will be to build on the strengths and experience of both Haberdashers' Adams and Haberdashers' Abraham Darby, so that the students become independent learners fully equipped for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of adult life in the 21st Century, and well-prepared to be leaders, professionals and parents of tomorrow.

Abraham Darby Girls


Haberdashers' Adams
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William Adams, a merchant Haberdasher with family connections in Shropshire, established his school in Newport, with permission from Oliver Cromwell in 1656 during the Interregnum. He appointed the Company as Trustee and left money and estates to ensure the school’s survival. As a grammar school for boys it has seen the least organisational change of all the Company’s schools. It became a voluntary aided school in 1950 with Shropshire County Council as the Local Education Authority, took Grant-Maintained(GM) status in 1990 and, following the abolition of GM schools, reverted to Voluntary Aided status in 1998.

On the 1st September 2011, Haberdashers' Adams was converted to Academy Status and it is part of Haberdashers' Adams Federation Trust, which includes Haberdashers' Abraham Darby.

The School remains a selective Grammar School.

The school has an excellent reputation, both locally and nationally, for its academic standards and has recently been awarded the International Schools Award following an evaluation of its achievements in an international context. The school pays close attention to the development, welfare and happiness of each pupil to prepare them to play an important and leading role in society.

Adams Grammar School

In 1993 girls joined the boys in the VI Form. The co-educational sixth form has flourished ever since with Technology College and  Modern Languages status, the school continues to thrive as a traditional grammar school using modern information technology, with now 838 pupils, including 95 fee-paying boarders, at what is one of the few state boarding facilities in the country.