The Company has a long history of providing almshouse accommodation for older people in need who have lived for a number of years in the area of benefit of the charities concerned.

There are two almshouse charities with which the Company is Associated:


William Jones, Liveryman, a native of Newland in the Forest of Dean, made his fortune in London and in 1614 gave money to the Company to fund almshouses at Monmouth.  By his will he bequeathed further money for this purpose and for the establishment of a school at Monmouth and further almshouses at Newland in Gloucestershire. 

Until recently the charity had almshouses in Monmouth and Newland.  The Company decided to concentrate its almshouse activities in Monmouth, near to all facilities, and to close the Newland almshouses, as Newland lacks amenities and the accommodation was built in 1616 and was therefore difficult to modernise.  Bristol Charities, which runs almshouses and facilities for older people in Bristol was appointed to lead the redevelopment of the Monmouth almshouses and was appointed as manager of both almshouses with effect from January 2007.  The Company has now transferred trusteeship of the William Jones’s Almshouse Charity to Bristol Charities. The residents of both Monmouth and Newland were relocated to alternative accommodation while work to redevelop the site at Monmouth took place. Former residents have been offered accommodation in the new development which was completed in May 2013.


This charity was founded by the same William Adams who started Adams’ Grammar School in Newport, Shropshire.  There are almshouse cottages in the High Street in Newport, on either side of the original School gates and on property surrounded by the School.  The Headmaster, local Rector and others form the Electors, who are responsible for recommending the appointment of new residents.  The Company is corporate Trustee of this charities.