Charity News

The Thomas Arno Fund supported students from Haberdashers' Monmouth Boys' school on a musical trip in the summer of 2023.

This important additional funding meant that 35 students plus four members of staff, and a 9-piece string ensemble were able to travel to Bavaria and Austria in 2023. They performed in Salzburg Cathedral, Mondsee Abbey (where the wedding scene from the Sound of Music was filmed), the Erlöserkirche in Erding and two churches in Munich, including a collaborating with the resident Youth Choir at St. Johannes.

There were also impromptu outdoor performances... Read More

Last Thursday evening we were delighted to welcome both our members and our charity representatives to Haberdashers Hall for our first ever charity engagement event.

Members spent the evening learning about the affirming role our charities play in affecting change in the communities they serve, as well as the support we can give them in this area as a Funder Plus partner. Over the course of the night, members heard from each of our charities (in a 1 minute elevator pitch!), and were able to offer their time and talent in a practical volunteering capacity (from one off... Read More

Many charities are facing a significant and unprecedented increase in costs, relating to staffing, utilities, operations and service delivery. The Haberdashers’ Company agreed to provide ‘uplift’ grants to help its charities at this challenging time.


The chair of the Charity Commission, Orlando Fraser, said many charities ‘face an existential crisis’ as a result of the cost of living crisis. Demand for services has soared, but for many donations are down.

The Haberdashers’ Charities Committee resolved to make a small... Read More

From experimenting with the use of bacteria to create colour, to the exploration of creating new garments from old fabrics, the Haberdashers’ two Royal College of Art scholars are pushing the boundaries of colour and sustainability. 


Textile dyeing is one of the most polluting aspects of the global fashion industry, yet one that we give little thought to as we wear our clothes of all hues and shades. The dying process uses large amounts of water to ensure vivid colours bind to the fabric and don’t fade or wash out.

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The Company was delighted to welcome the Right Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin as the Lecturer for the 2023 Golden Lecture.


Lecturing to a packed St Bartholomew the Less church, Bishop Rose spoke on the subject of Living Faith in the 21st Century: what does it truly mean to have a living faith in today’s world?

Quoting a passage from Micah 6:8, she made it clear that those with a faith must live a life that enacts the mandate ‘and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with... Read More

Now in its third year the Company’s Small Grants programme benefits some of the smallest charities working in our geographical areas. 

Images, from top: Lewisham Youth Theatre; You Glow

A small grant of £3,000 can have a big impact for small organisations. 

Since 2020 the Company has rationalised its small grants programme and now seeks to provide targeted support for small charities operating in specific Focus Areas and Geographies (that correspond with our schools... Read More

Construction Youth Trust is one of the Company’s Major Grant holders, receiving an award of £50,000 in 2021. They use a relationship model to work closely with young people from some of the least advantaged parts of London, creating success by helping put them on the path to careers in construction.

It’s no surprise to read in Construction Youth Trust’s literature that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds often face more barriers to employment than their better-off peers. 

There may be a whole variety of reasons for this which... Read More

A group of Haberdashers enjoyed an inspiring visit to Bunbury earlier this year. Welcomed by the Revd Tim Hayward, members of St Boniface church and the school, the day served as a reminder of the importance of community and belonging. 

From top: The Master presents Year 6 pupils with the Haberdashers’ Bible; The Master receives the traditional gifts of port and anchovies from the Head Boy and Head Girl

In a rural pocket of Cheshire sits the small village of Bunbury. It might... Read More

The Company has been finding ways to increasingly connect with the ancient art of haberdashery. By supporting fashion and textile scholars we weave a modern thread to our history and heritage.   

Nuraan experiments with 3D printing techniques to use textiles in an innovative way

The ancient art of haberdashery is a unique aspect of the history of the Company, with fashion being our ‘golden thread’. Haberdashers, until the mid-1600s, were fashion retailers, specialising in... Read More

We’re living in unprecedented times. Day by day, more young people are becoming eligible for free school meals. This means that they’re three times more likely to be unemployed by the age of 27. Our new partnership with EY Foundation is crucial in addressing this issue. 


A cost-of-living crisis, an uncertain political climate and soaring inflation rates mean it’s a challenging time for many of us, but particularly for young people from low-income backgrounds. With those eligible for free school meals three times more likely to... Read More