Why Education?

Education is of prime importance to The Haberdashers' Company. We are proud to include schools of all types and sizes within our family of schools – whether a brand new, state academy like Haberdashers’ Borough Academy, opened in 2019, or a centuries’ old independent institution, like Haberdashers’ Monmouth, founded in 1614. There are eighteen schools, in four devolved groups – Haberdashers' Academy Trust South, Haberdashers' West Midlands Academy Trust, Haberdashers' Elstree Schools and Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools.

The Company, as Trustee of the various educational charities that support the schools, is responsible for ensuring that the revenues are spent properly and that building projects are good value for money. The Company's Education Committee maintains close links with the schools and is kept advised of broad educational issues and initiatives.  Haberdashers’ support, challenge and professional expertise is a constant resource for our schools. A high proportion of governors at our schools are Haberdashers - many of whom have supported various school groups at different times and are widely experienced.  Some Trust Boards, Local Governing Bodies and school boards often include Heads and Principals from other schools within the Haberdashers’ family. Trust CEOs, Headmasters, Headmistresses,  Executive Principals or Principals are appointed by their relevant governing bodies and all other staff are appointed by schools directly. The day to day running of the schools is the responsibility of the school’s executive leader under the direction of their respective governing body. 

The Company takes great interest in its schools. The Haberdashers' Advantage programme provides a range of initiatives for students in the areas of cultural enrichment, character education and careers as well as professional collaboration for school leaders. A Deputation from the Company (a group of representatives, drawn from the Master and Wardens, Liverymen, Freemen and Company Staff) visits the schools each year.