Civic City Talk with City of London Corp Town Clerk Ian Thomas CBE

“Through education we become who are are” - Ian Thomas

The Company would like to extend its thanks to Ian Thomas CBE, Town Clerk of the City of London Corporation, for joining us at Haberdashers Hall on Monday 29 January, to discuss with members the many challenges and opportunities the City faces today.

Studies consistently show that the world of commerce does not believe enough of our young people are ready for the world of work. At The Haberdashers' Company, we know that our young people must be part of the solution to improving stagnant productivity and unlocking growth. So how do we bridge this gap?

“We will never have the answers unless we work collectively” - Ian Thomas

How can we work better together to close this chasm and prepare our young people for what lies ahead? The purpose of the Company is to empower young people from every background to fulfil their potential and we are proud to work alongside our neighbours and partners to achieve this goal.

Collectively the 111 Liveries of London donate 75 million a year to help support phenomenal causes, but we all know we can still do more. Follow our journey to support more young people to have a profound impact on the world. 



Photo left to right: Alderman and Haberdasher, Robert Hughes-Penny, Town Clerk, Ian Thomas, Haberdasher and Chair of the Civic City Committee, Tim Dolan.