Small Grants Programme 2023


Eighteen small charities have each received a small grant from the Company to support their vital work.


The Company’s Small Grant programme has been running since 2020. This year’s grant-holders were chosen as their charitable activities fall within specific Focus Areas and Geographies. Eighteen charities were selected, with over £50,000 being awarded in total.

Each grant of around £3,000 includes core funding and project costs, depending on the needs of the organisation.

‘We are delighted to have been selected to receive a grant to support our Reading Coaches programme. This will have a direct impact on the adults with whom we work, helping them to improve their reading skills, and to increase their life chances’. Adult Literacy Trust

The full list of awardees is:


All charities operate within the localities of our schools and/or churches, creating impact for the wider Haberdasher communities. 

‘Your donation will go towards funding core salary costs for a Youth Development Lead to run the Connect Project. This will help young, disadvantaged people gain employment skills, improve their well-being, and start their own businesses’. Shropshire Youth Support Trust

The aim is to grow the Company’s Small Grants programme thereby increasing the amount of funding available to each organisation.